Customer Experience: Learn how to increase your hotel sales


Customer Experience: Learn how to increase your hotel sales


The most famous streaming service is certainly a reference when it comes to Custumer Experience. Netflix offers a month of free subscription, so you'll experience the service and stay with the taste of want more, so you become loyal. In addition, the company invests in personalized messages for each client, produces original series, works with creative publicity for each specific audience and interacts directly with the "fans" in social networks.

But what we mean by these examples is: the world has changed, the way we consume and communicate too, so companies need to use that shift in their favor.

How to adapt the consumer experience to your hotel?

 Currently only the daily rates are not enough to guarantee a reservation. Investing in customer experience is the bet for customer loyalty, in addition to being a great marketing, so, who had a great vacation or made a trip to work and was well attended, will recommend the hotel to friends .

What actions can be taken to "catch" the customer?

Knowing the profile of your guest and surprising him;

Keep in mind what experience you want to provide to it;

Gather a well-trained team, equipment and software that will not leave the customer in the lurch;

Leave letters and welcome drinks;

Make customized rooms with different "pampering" for each type of client;

Imagine that you are going to receive a middle-aged man who has traveled to work at your hotel, what is the feeling you would like to pass on to him? Pass this on to the room he is staying in;

Keep the room as clean as possible;

Provide unique moments, for example, after a long day of work, what about a relaxing experience? such as a bubble bath and whirlpool ready for when he gets to the room;

In its menu offer typical dishes of the region;

Offer different activities for the free moments, such as city tours to know sights, with an exclusive guide of the hotel;

Leave in the room a booklet with activities that the guest can do in the city during free time, as well as restaurant tips;

Make a partnership of 'transportation for the exclusive use of the hotel, so the guest does not need to worry about it and enjoy this time with other activities;

Bet on social networks, publicize your hotel creatively, display your differential and interact with the public. Thus, it is possible to build a relationship beyond the time of purchase;

Do a satisfaction survey to find out what strategy you are hitting and what you need to improve.

These attitudes can be made without requiring a very high investment from the establishment and with guaranteed return.

You still do not offer consumer experience at your hotel? How about taking a test?

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